Covid-19 Procedures

NEW Safety Procedures

  • Drop-Off/Pick Up Monitor
    • Designated area near First Tee practice green (Along the side, NOT in front of Bartley)
    • Coach has checklist of REQUIRED items students need to bring for class
      • Hand-sanitizer, personal mask, golf equip., water bottle, proper clothing
      • Parents initial that child does not have a fever and doesn’t show symptoms of sickness
    • Students will be assigned a designated safety area along with a Coach and color group
  • Strict Drop-Off/Pick Up Policy
    • Drop-Off no earlier than 10 mins prior to start of class
    • Parents must accompany participants until check-in is complete
    • Pick-Up no later than 10 mins after class has ended
      • 1 Warning for early or late pick-up!!
    • Only staff members allowed inside FTNM office.
  • Social-distancing will be required at all times
  • Every-other hitting mat used on driving range
  • No sharing of equipment, designated bag for each participant\
  • Day 1, designated equipment including balls and clubs
  • No groups larger than 8
    • 1 Coach per 4 students
  • No inside class due to weather
  • Weather policy is strictly enforced
  • Pick Up Monitor
    • Coach monitors pick-up area of students
  • Cleaning of equipment
    • Golf balls will be dumped into sanitation bucket
    • Class materials will be sanitized after each class
    • Flagging tape discarded
    • Designated areas in office for cleaning stages
  • Participant and parent will check-out
  • Back2Golf Guidelines to Opening Golf
  • USAGA Covid-19 Guide
  • First Tee National Covid 19 Chapter Resources
  • State of Michigan
  • Boyne Highlands
  • CDC